Monday, January 2, 2017


Enjoying some football this evening and again realized, like last week, that my days are all messed up… it helps to know it is Monday when one writes weekly Monday devotions. (But I’m just saying a day full of college football doesn’t feel like football,)

Part of the process of staying on task in the midst of hectic times is to not forget the basics (fundamentals.) I write often about the importance of fundamentals (“the anchor that holds in the midst of the storm.”)

Right now I get to watch a lot of early-season basketball and the earlier parts of the games can be quite fun to watch, at least until someone finds a little success; then as the season goes on the teams that can maintain fundamental discipline begin rising to the top of the standings.

So simple devotional resolution for you this week… get back to the basics (reading the Word and obeying it, prayer, serving others, etc.)

Proverbs 2:1-11 reminds one to “incline your ear to wisdom”; “seek (understanding) as silver”; “apply you heart to understanding”; etc.

Yet from vs 12 on it also mingles the truths of those that find a little “success” and start forgetting the basic truths of life.

Stay wise my friends!

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