Monday, January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017 - Looking Up!

Watching a 5th and 6th grade girls’ basketball game is exciting (especially when you have a girl on the team!) The reason I say it is exciting is because from a coach/parent perspective it is great to see the improvement from game to game and the absolute joy of playing on their faces… (and I must admit I love watching my 6th grader get after it! She has a lot of work to do on her skill sets but no one could ever fault her effort in getting after the ball… a true difference maker!)

In tonight’s game our girls won primarily because of a discipline Coach Jon is instilling in them… looking up! Learning to get one’s eyes off of one’s own feet and the immediate surroundings and look ahead to see one’s teammates. It was amazing how many of our points/opportunities came out of this discipline. And it may sound like an obvious thing but if you have watched very much kids’ hoops you would know that most dribble looking down at the ball and seldom see in front of themselves.

Our Christian walk should be the same way… we need to get our eyes off of ourselves and look for our teammates to give them an assist! I know I write about this often but it is truly the core of Christian living… intentional serving… looking up!

Paul was so  serious about it that in 1 Corinthians 13 he devotes time to describe those that can seemingly do great Christian things but explains that if they don’t have love/charity they are NOTHING!

Take time to read the love chapter today!
Take time to intentionally serve someone today… get after it… be a difference maker!

Looking Up!

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